Project Description

From artist Ainjel Emme:

Frustrated by recent attempts to subvert Roe V. Wade in Texas and Ohio, and frightened by the newly elected administration, I collaborated long-distance with my good friend, Austin singer-songwriter Ray Prim, on a song about the importance of women’s freedom of choice.

Along the way, I invited other artists to contribute to the track. Some came into my studio, others recorded in their own home studios and sent the files in. This is the triumphant result.

Supreme thanks and love to Ray and all of the other artists who lifted their voices in support of this important cause.

Written by Ainjel Emme and Ray Prim
Produced by Ainjel Emme
Recorded by Ainjel Emme and Anthony Lopez at The Block Of Joy
Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Lopez at The Block Of Joy
Organ and Piano recorded by James Clarke
Vocal Recording for Suzy Husner by Rob Black
Guest vocalists who recorded their own vocals: Ray Prim, Greta Valenti, Rie Daisies, Keith England, Liane Curtis.


CLIENT  :  Ainjel Emme

TYPE  :  Audio Recording

DATE  :  January 2017

Huy & Alex
I Tell You