Project Description

Nothing is a live performance music video produced for Holy Wars’ July residency with Badass Bands. The performance took place at The Hi Hat in Highland Park. Our assembled all production lighting, live sound, recording and filming elements for the night. Block Of Joy Personnel handled production in partnership with Badass Bands and The Hi Hat to create a night few will forget.

Director/Producer: Charles Lopez
Producers: Jolynn Braswell & Jordan Robins
B Camera Operator: Triffin Constantine
C Camera Operator: Eliza Moley
Recording Engineer: Anthony Lopez
Live Sound Engineer: Abdeel Ortega
Lighting Engineer: Ainjel Emme
Audio Mix: Mike Post
Audio Mastering: Anthony Lopez


CLIENT  :  Badass Bands

TYPE  :  Live Concert Video

DATE  :  July 2017

Ernie & Brittany
Huy & Alex