Charles Lopez


Professional Profile

For nearly a decade Charles has spent his life working in the film and entertainment industry starting his career working for studios in Los Angeles. Shortly after, he began his freelance career with a portfolio expanding from producing high-profile feature documentaries to directing major label music videos. His previous commercial projects include work for Sony Music Group, Amazon, Mattel, Red Bull and other major brands. His most recent work includes Associate Producing an upcoming feature documentary on Cheech & Chong.

After several years of working for studios and as a hired gun for Hollywood he decided to open his own production group aiming to connect local artists with resources to pursue their talents. As a filmmaker he believes in approaching film as a craft more than a business with every project providing a chance to build upon the next.

Directing / Producing 0%

Camera Operation 0%

Post-Production 0%

Business Administration 0%

Writing 0%

Photography 0%

My Projects

Ernie & Brittany Alonzo

Ernie & Brittany

Wedding Video
Badass Bands Live - Holy Wars - Nothing


Live, Music Video
Huy & Alex Wedding

Huy & Alex

Wedding Video
Jaq Mackenzie Lyric Video Cover

I Tell You

Music Video
Stevie and Sazan Wedding Cover

Stevie & Sazan

Wedding Video
LadyHood - Naked Cover Photo


Music Video
Cover Photo for Dan Godlin - Are You My Girl

Are You My Girl

Live, Music Video
Cover Photo for The Absolute - Smile


Music Video